In more than one place

“You will never be completely at home again, because part of your heart always will be elsewhere. That is the price you pay for the richness of loving and knowing people in more than one place.”
― Miriam Adeney

I read this quote a couple of nights ago and it stuck with me; it made me think about how much my life has changed from knowing and loving people in more than one place.

I have been blessed to know people from different places, not only know them, but love them. To love someone, for me, doesn’t necessarily mean that I’m still in touch with that person, it means that they’ve opened my mind and eyes to something different: a different culture, a different language…just something different that has seduced me to a point that made me love them. I often think this is a blessing denied to many, even though it has nothing to do with whether you travel or not, it has to do with you, with how much you are willing to step out of your comfort zone and see beyond your eyes, it is not always easy but it’s most certainly worth it. I challenge you to try it!

It’s nice to have parts of my heart in different places; it makes me different, which is what started it all.



Same ocean, sun & moon

we all swim the same ocean,

sit under the same sun

and look at the same moon!

Have a great  weekend, go conquer!!




I’ve been having a minor (being sarcastic here) wander-lusting obsession for Asian destinations; recently I’ve been investing my time watching documentaries about Asia and been watching Asian cuisine (food porn) for quite a while…so I was inspired to write about Bangkok.

What captivated me the most about this city is: its beautiful ancient architecture and its cuisine. The crossing of their Wats (temples), something so sacred to & for them, with their food which is something so worldly, draws me to it.  This fusion, this beautiful contrast makes me want to experience Bangkok so bad!

I’ve been reading, seeing pictures and videos about Bangkok so I really don’t want to ‘discover what’s already been discovered’, plus: I can’t really talk about Bangkok since I’ve never been there; I just want to share one of my wander-lusting destinations, so here are some pictures I found.

Wat Pho

Wat Pho

Tuk-Tuk so cute!

Tuk-Tuk so cute!


Floating Markets

I’ve been seduced by Bangkok and I really hope I can experience this city in the near future. I’ll be fortunate to participate in it! 


Note: here is one of the magnifique video that encouraged me to write about Bangkok. It’s food-porn at its best!!!!! C’est génial Alexis, merci :).

(This is my 1st REAL blog-entry. I’m still comprehending WordPress,  so if any one reads this and thinks the layout of the pictures or this entry is kinda ‘off’ please forgive me, I’m still in the induction phase of WordPress. 😉 Enjoy!! )


I’ve been wanting to create a blog like this for a while,  I wanted a blog so I could share my thoughts about places I want to travel to and places I’ve been to, I haven’t traveled all that much but, I wan’t to see the world, so…basically this blog is about me: a wanderluster that writes.  🙂

I  may occasionally share interesting things (well interesting things according to myself) related to Tourism.

So….if someone ever reads this: let’s wanderlust together!