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About the ‘blogger’

Hi, thanks for stopping by!

I’m Adri, the ‘blogger’ behind  all of this ,  I consider myself a bit of a “wander luster” at heart & the travel bug inside me forced me to start this blog, so I’m putting myself out there, even though I haven’t traveled all that much.

This blog is not perfect and I might not be full of experience (I’m actually learning about blogging as I type), but what I write comes from the heart, it comes from someone who wants to participate in this worlds charm.

I am a wander-luster that writes; a dreamer. I hope that one day, the places I would like to visit become the places I loved visiting!  

I also write about topics related to tourism, even if it is not related to a specific destination, reviews on tourism-related companies or companies/websites that have helped me while traveling. I’m currently based in Palma de Mallorca (fascinating island by the way) and I’m interested in most things related to this field.

So with this intro I want to give you a big welcome to my blog! Let’s wanderlust together!!

Enjoy & be blessed,

-aww (awanderlusterwrites) 

Fell free to send me any feedback, suggestions or requests (in English or Spanish), I will try my best to reply!

Many thanks.


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