According to dictionary.com the definition of CLASS ACT is: something of someone regarded as outstanding or elegant in quality or performance. For me, CLASS ACT means: SWISS INTERNATIONAL AIRLINES AG…on this 14th of February 2014 I AM DECLARING MY LOVE TO THIS AIRLINE!


I’ve flown with this airline for 4 times now, but the last 2 times really convinced me of their CLASS ACT.

– On December 10th 2013 (I think I’ll never forget that date) I was flying from PMI to ZRH and unfortunately we experienced bad turbulence….BAD TURBULENCE! I mean, a woman started having a panic attack mid flight, a full blown -IN YOUR FACE- panic attack!  Everyone on the plane was in shock, it was dead silent because of the turbulence and all you could hear was this woman screaming, I kid you not!  A flight attendant sat next to this lady and an ‘undercover’ pilot who was in First Class also sat down with this poor woman and started calming her down and trying to ease the mood around us…but the turbulence was not stopping and the lady was STILL ‘kicking&screaming’ ; I had to get out of there,  I was feeling very nervous and started to get anxious so I just sped to First Class and sat there in silence, trembling and sweating (Ohh the things one has to do to get an upgrade! hehe(j/k)) anyways, it was such a relief to see a flight attendant coming to sit next to me, she held my hand and started talking to me telling me that everything was going to be OK, trying to make it better for me, she knew there was nothing she could do about the turbulence but she wanted to make the best out of that horrible situation and for me that is a CLASS ACT!  After a drink of water and some kind words, THANKFULLY, the turbulence came to an end and everyone on the plane calmed down, the flight attendant made sure I was doing OK before she left and the ‘undercover’ pilot and flight attendant that were with the other woman stayed with her until we got to Zurich, i mean: it was GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE! Afterwards the pilot apologized for the weather conditions (we all knew it was not his fault but he empathized with us) and talked to us a lil bit over the ‘intercom’ and they even gave us some Champagne (I drank that like crazy! 🙂 ), but it’s not about the Champagne or the water or the chocolates they always give, it is about the way I felt with them while going trough a very difficult time: I felt good, I felt understood etc etc!

I mean, one time flying from Peru to CostaRica (not with SwissAirlines) we had severe turbulence and the flight attendants didn’t cared, they couldn’t care less about the whole situation and this time I was the one who was about to have a panic attack…the pilot never acknowledge the fact that the plane was shaking like crazy…no one cared! So… 2 THUMBS UP FOR SWISS!

– On January 2014 I was flying from ORD to ZRH with SwissAirlines and it was such a great flight, (NO TURBULENCE thank God!) but they treated everyone so nicely, always with a smile, always willing to help, willing to go the extra mile, the food was great, the restrooms were clean, the plane was clean… sometimes in long flights the planes tend to get a little messy but this plane was very clean! And what SEALED THE DEAL for me was the IN-FLIGHT ENTERTAINMENT ….ohhh myyyy: a SIZABLE selection of music, movies, TV shows, games, I mean personally: it is one of the best I’ve seen. I love to listen to good music while I travel and I hate to use my electronic devices on the plane (well, maybe my Kindle but that’s it, I think using your ‘stuff’ on the plane is such a hassle) so I really appreciate and APPLAUD a good in-flight entertainment.  SwissAirlines made my 7+hours trip so much better!

I just HAVE to write about this, and even though it’s been over a month since all of this happened I still SMILE when I think about the whole situation, I tell everyone about it and I really encourage my friends and relatives to try SwissAirlines; no one is paying me to say this, this is not a sponsored entry, I am just a happy customer!

I JUST HAVE TO DECLARE MY LOVE FOR THIS AIRLINE! (there’s no better time to say this but on Valentine’s day!)


p.s: In no way or form I mean to disrespect the lady who suffered the panic attack on the plane. I know how it feels and in a situation like this no one knows how to react.



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